While we still have yet to get to Christmas next week. There is now less than two weeks until New Year's Eve. As unprecedented as the NYE parties or lack thereof will be this year, we can still celebrate ringing in 2021 with a beverage or two. What's the beverage of Wyoming's choice to ring in the new year?

Our friends at Zippia recently released their list of 'What Each State Will Ring in the New Year Drinking' and while there were certainly some of the usual suspects. Wyoming's beverage of choice for the occasion is a one of a kind that 'The Dude' would be proud of. By that phrasing, you may have guessed it already. Wyoming's New Year's celebration beverage is a White Russian.

White Russians are the beverage of choice for 'The Dude' in the film, 'The Big Lebowski'. In the film, Jeff Lebowski is played by Jeff Bridges in an iconic role. It just so happens, he loves to put back White Russians throughout the film. And based on Zippia's research, with the help of Google trends, we now know that White Russians are what Wyomingites will be throwing back when the ball drops as we hit 2021.

As you might expect, the most popular beverage of choice to ring in the new year is Champagne. A total of 21 states chose it as their preferred beverage to celebrate with. Some drinks on the list were lame in comparison to Wyoming's choice. For instance, Mississippi, Alabama, Indiana, Maine, and Rhode Island went with some type of daiquiris. C'mon, guys, stop being lame. You can have daiquiris any time. We're about to be out of a complete debacle of a year that has been 2020. Get more festive!

Regardless, raise your White Russians with a cheers to the great things to come in 2021 and to 'The Dude' because he deserves it.

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