A video of a real life cowboy stopping an armed robbery in a northern Mexico butcher shop has been making it's rounds on social media once again.

The incident took place over a year ago (April 23rd, 2018), but Twitter shares are making the video trend once again. The CCTV footage shows a young man in a black hoodie brandishing a revolver. After waving it at cashier, the gunman then points it at older man wearing a cowboy hat. In what most of us would call true Wyoming cowboy fashion, he first takes off his glasses. As soon as the would-be robber looks away from him for a second, he attacks, wrestling the firearm out of his hands. One of the butchers then appears on screen to grab the gun.

Neither the good Samaritan or the suspect were identified, but this video proves without a doubt that there are real life heroes and not all of them wear capes. Some wear cowboy hats.


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