Each day brings the new Laramie High School closer to completion.

Owner's representative Roger Strube says the construction process is approximately 80 percent complete and the project is on-budget.

"Normally in this type of job, which is around $87 million, you anticipate two to three percent in changes that cost the owner money," says Strube.  "This project is currently just under four tenths of one percent."

Strube calls the low rate of change orders "exceptional" and attributes it to good work by the construction manager at risk, Haselden Wyoming Constructors, LLC, as well as quality planning documents from the architect and design team.  He adds that the management team has worked well together to make the project successful.

Currently, the substantial completion date when the building can be occupied and used for its intended purpose is Aug. 4.  Strube says there will still be small fixes to be made throughout the building for about about a month and a half after that date, but the work will be done either after school or on weekends.


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