Though most of the  University of Wyoming students have left campus for the remainder of the spring semester, they should still consider themselves as residents of Laramie for the nation’s 2020 census.

Wednesday, April 1, is Census Day around the country. Traditionally, that would mean the Census Bureau estimates the total number of people living in Laramie or Albany County on this date.

Due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and the shift to online course delivery for the remainder of the semester by institutions across the U.S., the Census Bureau has directed that students enrolled in colleges and universities temporarily depopulated physically due to the COVID-19 virus will still be counted in those college communities.

The Census Bureau website states, “Even if you are away from your student housing due to your school being temporarily closed due to COVID-19, you will be counted at the student housing where you usually live."

Regarding students who’ve been living in private off-campus housing in Laramie, the website adds “You should count yourself at your off-campus address even if you go elsewhere for school breaks or if you are temporarily staying elsewhere, including with your parents, if your school is closed due to COVID-19."

UW expects to receive guidance shortly on how to proceed with soliciting responses for those who were living in university-owned housing, including residence halls and university apartments.

Every member of the UW community are encouraged to participate in the census. This can be done by filling out an online questionnaire here, by mail or by phone.

Specific guidance from the Census Bureau about counting college students may be found here.

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