Laramie residents who are interested in learning something about anthropology and archaeology are in luck - the Office of the Wyoming State Archaeologist and the University of Wyoming Department of Anthropology are hosting a joint public event to celebrate their 50th anniversary tomorrow, Oct. 27.

Dr. Todd Surovell, acting Anthropology Department head, said the celebration on the UW campus will include an open house and tours in the Anthropology Department from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., presentations and discussion panels from 5:30 to 7 in the Berry Biodiversity center and a reception in the Anthropology Building from 7 to 8:30.

Surovell said the open house is a good opportunity to see the labs and facilities, but also to see the specimens in the repository.

“We should have some prehistoric artifacts for people to see. We also have the University of Wyoming Archaeological Repository, which is the facility that houses virtually all of the artifacts recovered from archaeological sites all around the state,” Surovell said. “There are literally millions of artifacts in that facility – bones and all kinds of interesting things to see.”

Surovell said he will be among three people giving presentations at the Berry Center. Surovell said he will be discussing 50 years of anthropology at UW. The other featured speakers include Wyoming State Archaeologist Greg Pierce, who will give a presentation about 50 years of archaeology at the state archaeology office. Surovell says Wyoming’s most renowned archaeologist, George Frison, will also be giving a presentation. Surovell said Frison has been with the Department of Archaeology for 50 years and has excavated many important sites in Wyoming and elsewhere.

“I think people that come to this event are going to learn the significance of what we do here in the Department of Anthropology and the Wyoming State Archaeologist office,” Surovell said. “And of course we study anthropology around the world, so the significance of studying humans and human variation culturally, archaeologically and linguistically all around the world and we’ve been doing that for 50 years now at the University of Wyoming. I think if people will come they will gain an appreciation for the work that we’ve done.”

The celebration is free and open to the public to attend.

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