After weeks of internal turmoil, Wyoming’s chapter of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) elected a new board of directors in a conference call Monday night.

Former Executive Director Chris Christian was elected by a margin of 4-1 as the new chapter secretary.  True to the statements she made last week, Christian is the only one of five board members who still has a position on the board at Wyoming NORML.

The newly elected officers are Executive Director Greg Schuetz, Deputy Director Scott Sidman, Treasurer Rose Cain, and Public Relations Director Carrie Satterwhite.

Deputy Director Lee Roith, Public Relations Director Pam Wright, Treasurer Diane Sweatt, and Chapter Secretary Sabrina Geisler all decided to give up their positions.

“We want to thank them all very, very much for their long service and their toil for Wyoming NORML,” said Christian.  “We did elect four new incoming officers and I will remain chapter secretary of Wyoming NORML.”

Christian said that the group’s charter was reinstated effective Tuesday after it was temporarily suspended last week.  Satterwhite says that the new board members will assume their roles immediately and will meet for the first time within the next few days.

“There is some paperwork to be finalized, but we are hitting the ground running,” says Satterwhite.  “We only have just shy of sixty days to finish our signature drive.”

Wyoming NORML must collect 25,673 signatures by Feb. 8 in order to place an act calling for the legalization of medical marijuana and hemp on the upcoming general election ballot.  Current estimates of signatures collected range from 5,000-10,000.

“That is our goal,” says Satterwhite.  “To collect the signatures to get the Peggy A. Kelly Cannabis Act of 2016 on the ballot in November.”

“Let’s put it to a vote in Wyoming,” says Satterwhite.

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