A group working to legalize medical marijuana in Wyoming may be down, but they're not out yet.

The Wyoming Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has until Monday to collect the 25,673 signatures needed to get the measure on this year's ballot.

Scott Sidman, Deputy Director for Wyoming NORML, says the group has collected about 10,000 signatures and they don't plan to roll up their petitions and call it quits.

"We're still trying as hard as we can to get as many signatures as fast as we can," said Sidman. "We haven't stopped on that from day one, but in the same process we just had to get things a little more organized and get a better structure in here."

Infighting in the organization has slowed the initiative, but Sidman says the group is working to get back on track.

"There were some difficulties with that and getting people to communicate," said Sidman. "We've actually got that worked out at this point in time and things are going in the right direction. Everybody is real motivated in this."

Sidman says if they can't gather the signatures needed to get the measure on this year's ballot, they plan to put the question before voters in 2018.

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