A comment evidently referring to a potential shooting at Laramie High School was posted to the Laramie Live Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, prompting six Laramie Police officers to search the school.

“There was nothing unusual or suspicious at the high school,” said Laramie Police Department Lieutenant Gwen Smith. “At this point we have determined nothing is credible.”

Smith says officers walked through the school for about an hour to assess the situation. They ultimately determined there was no risk to students or teachers, and nothing was out of the ordinary.

Laramie High School Principal Stacy Bush said the comment was not posted by a student.

The Facebook comment read:

“Heard there was a shooting at Laramie high anyone hear about it is it true [sic]”

The comment was posted at 1:02 p.m., and it spurred us to contact police and school officials who then proceeded to investigate.

“The reason that we check on comments such as that are because we never know if they are meant to forewarn us, if they are truthful, if they are spam,” said Smith. “It’s always better to investigate and assume that it may be worst-case scenario than to not do that and have it be worst-case scenario.”

Albany County School District Superintendent Dr. Jubal Yennie said the school was never on lockdown.

Smith says school resource officers continue to investigate the comment itself and who may have posted it. According to Smith, Wednesday’s police response cost roughly $200-$300.

This incident highlights the risk of careless social media comments on public pages in a time when officials cannot afford to disregard any remark that may indicate a threat to student safety.

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