Wyoming High Schools are varied across the state. You have the small towns where the high school and junior high are combined (like my alma mater in Wright,) and the towns so large they have to split their high schools into multiple campuses. Laramie High School seems to fall right in the sweet spot, being just small enough for camaraderie, but large enough for opportunities for students that they wouldn't otherwise have in the Cowboy State.

So, if you were to rank the high schools in Wyoming, where would you rank the Plainsmen? Not just in sports acumen, but in academics, class size, graduation rate and college readiness?

Well, luckily, you don't have to. US News and World Report took the job out of our hands and ranked the top Wyoming High Schools, placing Laramie High School near the top. The top three schools are listed as Jackson Hole High in Jackson, Sheridan High, and then our very own-- Laramie High School in third place.

For reference, my own alma mater made it onto the list too! ... All the way down at #61. Way to go Plainsmen!

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