During his tour of all 417 US National Parks and Historical Sites, traveler Mikah Meyer made his way through Laramie last week as he visited the Fort Laramie historical site.

The trip through Laramie was a bit more personal for Meyer, though. An openly gay man from Nebraska, Meyer had grown up hearing the story of Matthew Shepard. Additionally, his friend Michele Josue directed the documentary "Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine" which was released in 2013.

"It was hard for me, but bittersweet because I could pick up on the work that had been done there since then." He added that "there is a sense of pride and honor in being able to tell the story of one LGBTQ American through other LGBTQ Americans' stories and of the National Parks Service that is now inclusive of the community."

Meyer also mentioned the designation of the Stonewall Inn as the first LGBTQ historical site by the National Park Service, which happened after he began his journey. Of the designation, Meyer said that "I am thankful to live in a time that, because of work done in previous days, I am allowed to openly share my story through the National Park Service...it made me feel that much more included as an American, and made my community feel included, that our history is important and a vital part of American history."

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