Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Grant Manlove says shoddy police work was the impetus behind her declination of a 2020 child sex abuse case.

Appearing on "Wake Up Wyoming" Wednesday morning, Manlove told host Glenn Woods that the Cheyenne Police Department submitted an investigation to her office for a charging decision but the investigation was not very good.

"It wasn't thorough. It wasn't complete. There were a lot of holes," Manlove told Woods.

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Manlove says she asked the department to do additional work on the investigation so that she could make a charging decision but they sued her instead.

"The lieutenant who was in charge of the Detective Division at the time worked with the City of Cheyenne and the Office of Bar Counsel to file a lawsuit against me," said Manlove.

"In the end ... if that young girl was sexually assaulted, there's still not a complete investigation," she added. "And to me, that's really the bigger story."

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