The Laramie Vision Clinic celebrated their “Rise from the Ashes” at a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday.

Their building at 408 South Second Street was completely destroyed by a fire on May 24, 2014. The fire left a huge hole in the block, with the building’s absence impossible to overlook.

The clinic, however, plans to replace the loss with a beautiful building that is historic in nature with a classic façade that will fit in well in Laramie’s historic downtown.

As mayor Dave Paulekas notes, the cost and effort to rebuild in the same location can’t be overlooked. Many historic areas have missing buildings because rebuilding was not possible or affordable.

See the comments from Laramie Chamber Business Alliance President and CEO Dan Furphy, Mayor Dave Paulekas, and Garrett Howell from the Laramie Vision Clinic in the video below.

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