The cause of the downtown fire that completely destroyed one building and damaged others is still undetermined. A report released last Friday by the Laramie Fire Department says two causes could not be ruled out: accidental and incendiary.

While some possible causes were discovered at the scene, no specific ignition source or point of origin could be determined. The report says that a plastic gas container, lighter, wood stove with logs, and an incorrectly wired electrical box with a missing panel were all discovered at the scene. These items were not linked to the cause of the blaze.

Gary Egge, Laramie Fire Marshall, says that there is no evidence at this time to say whether or not an individual purposely set the fire.

According to the report, the origin of the fire was likely in a “void space” between the ground and the second floor above the rear bathroom. This, according to the report, explains the “top-down” burn pattern found in the structure. Significant damage was found in the rear storage and bathroom area.

According to the report, the fire was reported by someone who was doing some work in the building. The man said he had stopped to take a break when he noticed smoke and saw flames through the second story window. He then rode his bicycle to a nearby convenient store to report the blaze.

Because no cause was determined, the investigation into the fire remains open. More evidence may be discovered as time progresses.

The May 24 fire was the worst fire in downtown Laramie in 20 years. It completely destroyed the building used by the Laramie Vision Clinic and caused damage to several other businesses on the block.

The Laramie Vision Clinic is already open in their new location at 313 South Second Street, with their official reopening set for tomorrow.  Dr. Garrett Howell, from the Laramie Vision Clinic, said that everyone at the clinic is very thankful for the LPD and LFD and their efforts to save the building and the block. He says the clinic wants everyone to know that they are still in Laramie.

“We love it here in Laramie and downtown,” said Dr. Howell. He added that the clinic intends to restore the building that burned.

The Laramie Vision Clinic is available for all their regular services and is available for after hour emergencies as well. To contact them call 721-3937.

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