In an effort to target unusually dense mosquitos throughout Laramie, mosquito control crews will commence fogging operations an hour earlier than normal over the next few days in order to avoid complications presented by weather.

Crews will begin applying Evolure 4-4 ULV in residential areas, parks and recreation areas beginning at 8 p.m. instead of the typical 9 p.m. start time. The city says the change will allow crews to apply the fog before cold temperatures prevent them from doing so.

According to a news release from the City of Laramie’s Parks and Recreation Department, ambient air temperature must be above 55 degrees and wind speeds must be below 10 mph in order for the fog to effectively control mosquitos.

Unsuitable weather forced the cancellation of scheduled fogging Sunday and Monday. The west zone – everything within city limits west of the railroad tracks -- will be fogged Tuesday night if weather permits.

Mosquito control crews plan to take advantage of warmer predicted evening temperatures by fogging Friday and Saturday. Those operations are scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. each evening.

The city says no cases of West Nile virus have been confirmed in Albany County, and the city rates the risk of infection at level 1 for low risk. The rating is based on few vector mosquitos and no reported West Nile activity in birds or mosquitos.

No cases of Zika virus have been reported in Wyoming, according to the city.

Mosquito control application schedules are updated daily at 4 p.m. on the city’s Mosquito Control and Integrated Pest Management Hotline at 721-5056. The hotline also lists any chemical application made by City of Laramie parks crews. The same information is available at the City of Laramie website.

For more information, contact Mosquito Control Crew Supervisor Keith Wardlaw at 721-5258 or call Feezer at 721-5264.

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