The high school football season is quickly approaching its scheduled start for practice, and the Laramie Plainsmen have begun their preparation.

Laramie held mini-camps last Monday and Wednesday evenings as part of their off-season coaches' contact sessions. They plan to continue with one more session on Monday, July 20 before some time off before practice begins in August.

Plainsmen head coach Clint Reed stated they were meeting virtually back in April, when school classes went online, with their meetings and preparation for this upcoming season.

“We finally got to June 1 and were able to have some workouts. It’s been ‘business as usual.’ Don’t get me wrong, we all know in these uncertain times, protocols, social distancing, masks, washing hands, washing equipment down, so it’s a little longer in the weight room, a little longer on the field because you can only so much clientele at a time, but otherwise, it’s business as usual.”

With the mini-camps, Reed admits he’s trying to generate some excitement. “We have been getting kids into our workouts, but we haven’t been able to get everybody because our workouts are in the morning. You’ve got kids playing baseball, basketball, they have jobs, they have families, and that’s what young people do. You’re supposed to be out enjoying those things.”

Reed decided on this ‘open gym’ approach just to get a pulse of what they might have.

“How many kids are interested in our game right now? What is the vibe that’s out there? So we wanted to hold these mini-camps under the lights, after 7:15 p.m., when kids are done with all their (other) activities.

It seems to have worked. Monday they had close to 70 players participating, while on Wednesday they had over 70.

“And this is just a walk-in,” said Reed. “I haven’t seen that in a long time, so I’m very happy.”

According to the Wyoming High School Activities Association (WHSAA), the plan is to start the season normally. Due to COVID-19, all that may change, but for now, official practice for the 2020 season begins on Aug. 10. Laramie is scheduled to open its season at defending 4A State Champion Sheridan on Aug. 28.

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