It may be Wyoming's most incredible outdoor adventure, and you get to drink beer.

A Big Wyoming Pond Hockey Tournament Is Looming

The Wind River Classic Pond Hockey Tournament at Fremont Lake, just outside Pinedale, WY. The Pinedale Glaciers hockey teams put on the tournament, and it's happening next weekend, January 26-28. There's still time for you to sign up and participate.

All you need is two to four other co-ed players and $350; that's it. It's a 3-on-3 tournament, so you need a couple extra players to swap out with, and you're set to go. To enter a team, complete the registration form and prepare to play, drink, and have fun in Pinedale.

A Big Wyoming Pond Hockey Tournament Is Looming

Since the event is sponsored by Wind River Brewing & Lakeside Lodge, every team gets a 6-pack of beer per game, and the champions get a beer party...meaning your team has to be made up of 21+ year-olds.

Pond hockey has taken off over the years, so much so that there are pond hockey national tournaments, pond hockey clinics, and even some of your favorite country music stars participate in pond hockey games.

You may wonder what your team will be competing to win, and that's a great question.

According to the official press release published on Wind River Brewing Co Website.

Winning team receives beer party @ WRBC, or keg of choice

Not only will the tournament champ win a beer party, but your team will get a six-pack of beer for every game you play, with a minimum of 4 games, equalling an entire case of Wind River Brewing Co beer.

Seems like a deal to me.

There is a catch: you must gather your players and register before the day's end, January 21 (Sunday).

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