Just as the MLB announced plans to go forward with a 2020 season, a former Rockies player declared his retirement from the league.

31-year-old Chad Bettis was a second round pick for the Rockies in the 2010 draft, and stayed with the club through 2019. Bettis released a statement regarding his retirement this week, saying that he had pushed his body as far as it could physically go.

In late 2016, the pitcher was diagnosed with testicular cancer and underwent surgery to get it removed. Just a year later, the tenacious player returned to the MLB and pitched for the Rockies for the next two seasons. However, the health woes continued for Bettis, as he underwent a season ending bi-lateral hip surgery in 2019.

Bettis spent all of his career with the Rockies. He had signed a minor league contract with the Yankees for the upcoming season, but it was unclear whether or not he would have made the team.

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