Stop the presses, stop the season because the Colorado Rockies are in first place.

Sure, the season is only about a week old and there are still 150 plus games to go but just looking at the standings and seeing the Rockies on top of the division is just cool to see and something that we haven't had a chance to see for quite some time.




Say what you will about the Rockies but I thought last year, the team battled hard every night and after losing key players, in particular Nolan Arenado who left prior to the start of the season last year for the Cardinals and this year, with Trevor Story heading to Boston.

The Rockies, and this is a tribute to manager Bud Black who just picked up his 1000th career win as a manager, just keep on plugging away and playing, hard and scrappy baseball.



Will this first place frenzy last the entire season for the club, probably not but we need to applaud the efforts of the guys in that uniform that go out there day in and day out and give it their best shot.

I've heard a lot of negative talk surrounding the Rockies and that's understandable as the front office has made some, let's say less than stellar and questionable moves over the past several years but I think it's important that we as fans don't let that effect the support we show for this team that seems to fight and claw every night.

Go Rockies.


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