Friday will go down as a day we don’t talk about. The effort that the Avs put in against the dirty, good for nothing Stars is unmatched. I honestly thought they were going to pull it off, but, in Overtime, they just couldn’t make it. I’m really proud of their effort, forcing that Game 7 after falling behind so far. Fortunately, the season will start back up in like a month and we’ll get another crack at it. Meanwhile, we’re still alive in the NBA and MLB.  

The Nuggets would not be bullied Saturday Night into a Game 2 loss. They made all the right decisions and were able to pull out a very import win, that tied the series. We’ll see how they do tonight as they tip-off against The Clippers at 7pm. Taking a look at Draft Kings, they have the Clippers winning by 8.5 points. If they play like they did Saturday, I’d put my rent on it. We just don’t need a repeat from Thursday. 

It’s go time for the Rockies! Only 24 games left and they sit at 20-20. I know, .500 isn’t desirable, but no one seems to want one of the four open Wildcard Spots. Right now, they’re sitting pretty, looking at maybe the second option to get a wildcard. Beating The Dodgers last night really helped their situation, so let’s see if they can keep the momentum going. 

Toward the end of the week, I’ll have to stop calling this Obsessive Playoff Watch because the NFL will be back, BABY! So, I’ll get to add the outcomes each week for the Broncos! Let’s all get past this winter storm rolling through, and be ready for football, we deserve it.  

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