In an effort to help the public identify, understand and respond to those who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis, the Cheyenne Police Department is hosting a free Mental Health First Aid training on May 18.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says most people know to call 911 when someone's life, safety, health or property is in immediate jeopardy, but knowing what to do in a mental health emergency can be a bit more confusing.

"If you're dealing with somebody who may be suicidal or just in an elevated emotional state, up to working with people who have actual mental illnesses or developmental disabilities, all of those different things can really pose a challenge as to figuring out what to do," said Malatesta.

​"This class is designed to give people some basic insight into resolving or beginning to resolve the problems they may encounter when somebody's going through that mental health crisis," he added.

The eight-hour course is being taught by Peak Wellness Center and is limited to 30 people. Those interested in attending should contact Alan Ness at (307) 426-4364 or

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