Two elderly out of state travelers trying to get to Yellowstone National Park, ended up getting stuck on a portion of highway where they shouldn't have been.

The Park County Sheriff's Office says back on Tuesday, May 1st, the 2 were riding in the same vehicle on westbound US Highway 212, when they went past road closed signs and got stuck in deep snow, about one mile northwest of the Pilot Creek Parking Area, which is about 4-to-5 miles northwest of the intersection of 212 and Wyoming State Highway 296.

That portion of road is normally closed during the winter from the parking area to Cooke City, Montana, although recently, snow plow crews have started working on clearing the area for the summer traveling season, but they have not yet finished the job.

The two motorists were eventually found and rescued and were unharmed.

They said they were following their GPS device to Yellowstone's Northeast entrance, and it told them, the road was open.

Yellowstone's Northeast entrance is open year round, and the East entrance is scheduled to open for the summer traveling season on Friday, May 4th, if conditions allow.

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