Today (May 3rd) is Paranormal Day, in which people are encouraged to share their experiences with the paranormal, according to National Day Calendar. With Laramie's illustrious 150 year history, it should come as no surprise that people who have been to the Gem City, whether they moved here or were just passing through, have stories of interactions with the paranormal.

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    Knight Hall

    Also featured in "5 Wyoming Stories That Should Be Featured on Drunk History", Knight Hall owes its alleged paranormal activity to the gravesite that was discovered at the location during the construction of the building. Although you have probably heard about the petrified corpse found underneath the building, there are also reports of beating drums in the basement, the ghost of a young Native American girl on the first floor, and wailing sounds from the second floor.

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    Laramie Plains Civic Center

    Built in the late 1870s, the Laramie Plains Civic Center (LPCC) is also the oldest school building in the state. There are reportedly some bodies buried in the area. However, one of the comments in the building's entry on Haunted Places indicates that there may be at least one child ghost in the building. According to one comment, the individuals mom "would find children's books out on the floor of her office like someone had been sitting there and reading them". Others have said that electronics operate by themselves, doors slam, and the occasional disembodied voice can be heard.

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    UW Lab School

    Another entry for the University of Wyoming campus. Located in the Education building, the most common paranormal sightings in the Lab School seem to be that of gentleman in top hats, some of whom appear to walk in and out of lockers.

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    Wyoming Territorial Prison

    Can you have a list of haunted places in Laramie (or Wyoming, for that matter) and not include the territorial prison? Although there are probably hundreds of stories, one of the most prominent is that of Julius Greenwelch. Greenwelch was sent to the territorial prison after shooting his wife upon discovering the fact that she worked in a brothel. During his incarceration, Greenwelch convinced some prison guards to allow him to start a cigar business in the prison. To this day, it's reported that the north wing of the prison smells like cigar smoke, and that Greenwelch sometimes appears in front of his old cell for tourists.

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    Townsquare Media

    Yes, you read that right. The building that houses Laramie Live, KOWB, and Y95 Country allegedly has a spirit of its own. Debbie Cobb from the Y95 morning show has said that she's seen a tall gentleman in a cowboy hat while working after hours at the station. Despite spending a night at the station, I have yet to see him. However, Debbie has pointed out that might have something to do with my admitted skepticism of all things paranormal.

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