Wyoming Department of Transportation crews are getting to work on snow removal on two seasonally-closed roads.

WYDOT is working to reopen WYO 130 over the Snowy Range and will soon begin work on WYO 70 over Battle Pass, according to a WYDOT press release.

Maintenance crews in Laramie and Saratoga have begun clearing the road on their respective sides of the mountain range and are aiming to have the road open by Memorial Day weekend.

Ice is a particular obstacle this year. Area supervisors Tye Fix in Laramie and Marty Mayfield in Rawlins said workers are having to chip away at larger chunks of ice to work through the snowpack.

Mayfield said crews are already into about six feet of snow at Headquarters Park.

Spring snowstorms are expected to add even more snow to the high elevations, the most recent storm to move through the area Thursday forecasted to add 8-12 inches in the Snowy Range according to the National Weather Service in Cheyenne.

After crews open WYO 130 they will begin work on WYO 70 over the Sierra Madre, which usually opens about a week after WYO 130.

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