If you're like me, then there's a good chance you are a guy. As a guy, you've probably come to the conclusion (as I have), that clothing can be beneficial in certain social situations. Thankfully, there are places of business right here in Laramie that, in exchange for money, will provide guys like us with clothing that can be worn, thus ending all uncomfortable situations that occur without the use of clothes.

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    116 E. Custer St., (307) 721-3070

    Don't want to pay a fortune for your socially mandated clothing? This is the place for you. A consignment store with a great selection of recognizable brands in many sizes and colors. NU2U is clean, well organized, and has a comfortable vibe. Essentially, NU2U is a used clothing store, but it is a very good used clothing store- gentlemen, I recommend it.

    Photo by Adam Porter
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    Big KMart

    750 North 3rd St., (307) 742-4446

    A convenient location on 3rd Street, the KMart in Laramie is a store with a great variety of clothes including a large section full of UW apparel. The prices are very affordable, and with a large brand like KMart, you can generally trust the product that you will be purchasing.

    Photo by Adam Porter
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    The Brown 'N Gold Outlet

    311 S 21st St., (307) 745-7075

    You can buy University of Wyoming apparel almost everywhere in Laramie. Grocery stores sell UW gear, the UW bookstore, The Knothole, UW merchandise is all over Laramie. This is not necessarily a bad or surprising thing; since Laramie is a college town, it is important to wear clothing that fits in, and it is good to show support. In order to fit in and support the university, I find it wise to thus shop at the best place to get UW stuff (more than just clothing), which to me, is without dispute, the Brown 'N Gold Outlet. Great location, great lighting inside, great amount of UW gear, great store. You want to wear the brown and gold? Go to the Brown 'N Gold. Simple as that.

    Photo by Adam Porter
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    4308 E Grand Ave., (307) 745-6100

    Much like KMart, this is a store that has everything. Sure it's a "box store" and a lot of people dislike that... but get over it! Just about everything at Walmart that can be found elsewhere is less expensive at Walmart- including clothes! You can find good, affordable clothing at Walmart for pretty much every every occasion, but to fully demonstrate the various occasions, I feel like naming a few. High school dances, chopping firewood in the backyard, Saturday afternoon at a sporting event, a swimming pool, Tuesday morning at work, Sunday (church), bedtime, you get the idea. You're a guy who wants clothes? Go to Walmart.

    Photo by Adam Porter
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    Boot Barn

    158 North 3rd Street, (307) 742-2885

    Arguably the greatest location on the list, Boot Barn is smack in the middle of Laramie. Though Walmart has the widest variety of clothing for just about every location, Boot Barn tops my list for one simple reason: we are in Laramie. Laramie's slogan is "Live The West." You're going to have a tough time living the west if you are without a pair of Wranglers, a pair of boots, a Carhartt jacket and a good Stetson. Though not the only place in Laramie to get great Western gear, Boot Barn, to me, is the best. If you're a guy in Laramie needing clothes, go to Boot Barn.

    Photo by Adam Porter