Be prepared it's the boy scout mo-to and the city of Laramie's this year for the Laramie River.  Snow-pack in the Snowy Range is around 200 percent of average, does that mean flooding is coming? The if and when parts of any flood remains up in the air,  Albany County Emergency Management Grants Coordinator Chuck Murrieta told the city council during one of Tuesday's work sessions. "Do we know if it's going to flood, or when? No " he said.

It all depends on weather  and the rate of snow melt. If it warms up too fast we will get more water coming down from the Snowy's. The Laramie river's depth is at 3.5 feet now a foot and a half below flood stage. It will get high and the city is prepared and has built a levy around south of Optimist Park, as well as getting back-flow preventers, which would be used to prevent storm drains from overflowing.

Sand and sandbags are at the ready, Murrieta added the sandbags will not be filled unless there was a need. He explains bags become harder to move once filled and are subject to breaking under ultraviolet light.

1000-2000 volunteers are on call and ready to be called within a days notice.

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