The recent FEMA declaration for 2011 severe storms, flooding, and landslides in Wyoming mean state agencies and private nonprofits may be eligible for funds, but the deadline to apply is rapidly approaching.

“The deadline to apply for that is August 21st which is Sunday. We encourage people to apply if they think they have eligible damage and they think they are an eligible applicant. Because it’s Sunday, they really need to plan accordingly and fax or call before Friday.”

Kelly Ruiz, for the Wyoming Department of Homeland Security, says this assistance goes towards public infrastructure and is meant for state and local entities, not individuals. She says 15 counties along with the Wind River Reservation are included in that disaster declaration.  Ruiz  says most who are eligible have already applied, but she says they want to get the word out so no one’s missed.

“We encourage the agencies and entities to apply if they think they have eligible costs and if they’re not sure they should give us a call.”

Contact the Department of Homeland Security at 307 777 4900 for more information. And again that deadline is this coming Sunday August 21st.

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