Pig wrestling took center ring at the 2012 Albany County Fair Thursday night.  Teams of four in four different categories went head to head with each other and head to snout with some stubborn pigs all in the name of good fun.  For the uninitiated, teams are placed in a mud pit with a single pig and are timed on how long it takes for the team to place the pig into a plastic barrel.  This is a popular event for the Albany County Fair and attracted a large crowd to the fairgrounds grandstands.

Winning teams are listed below.

The winners of the 2012 Albany County Fair Pig Wrestling competition:

Girls (under 16)

1st place- The Laramie River Piglets (Time: 9.24 seconds)

2nd place- Pig Tails (Time: 11.19 seconds)

3rd place- We are Pig Wrestlers Bummbadumm (Time: 11.41)

Boys (under 16)

1st place- Pork Choppers (Time: 10.75 seconds)

2nd place- Hog Hunters (Time: 18.88 seconds)

3rd place- Stud Muffins (Time: 25.37 seconds)


1st place- Shakin' Bacon (Time: 10.84 seconds)

2nd place- Pig-tailed Pork Dorks (Time: 15.12 seconds)

3rd place- Makin' Bacon Better (Time: 16.32 seconds)


1st place- Makin' Bacon (Time: 7.12 seconds)

2nd place- Sausage Fest (Time: 10.06 seconds)

3rd place- Slippery Porkers (Time: 10.72 seconds)

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