Have you ever been stuck in a Wyoming traffic jam?

This is usually how a Wyoming traffic jam works; you drive up on a group of animals like Pronghorn antelope and you stop and wait patiently while the rest of the herd makes it across the road. 

One of the things most of us like best about Wyoming is its lack of traffic and the fact that the Cowboy State is still "where the deer and the antelope play." On a trip out of Cheyenne recently, we came upon a herd of about a dozen Pronghorn antelope crossing the Central Avenue overpass.

Wyoming Traffic Jam Near Game & Fish Department in Cheyenne
Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

A line of cars built up going both ways as we all waited for the group to reassemble on the other side of the four-lane road. As we started moving, a straggler appeared from the trees and rushed to catch up with the rest of the herd.

Ironically, the antelope seemed to be headed toward the new Wyoming Game & Fish Department. Maybe they have some concerns they want heard during this year's Legislative session.

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