In case you're new to Wyoming and Yellowstone in particular, we handle traffic a little different around these parts. There's a new video share that shows a bison herd rightfully causing a 3-mile traffic jam and we wouldn't have it any other way.

This is a new video share, but if you notice the details in the description, you'll notice that this video was captured last May and not this year. But, it's still one of those special Wyoming traffic moments.

It's hysterical that the driver was mystified why he didn't see any other vehicles coming his direction. Once he saw the herd appear around the rocky corner, mystery solved.

In case you think this is some type of anomaly, remember this bison traffic jam a couple years ago?

...and the year before that?

NBC Montana did share a bison traffic jam this year right before the quarantine lock-down was put in place.

Like I said, we embrace our bison in Wyoming. It's their country, we're just the guests even when we're driving.

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