The Wyoming Supreme Court has suspended Cheyenne attorney Cody Jerabek for three years.

According to a news release from the Wyoming State Bar, the suspension stems from Jerabek's actions in a lawsuit. In the case,  a client represented by Jerabek was being sued after the client's business caught on fire and the fire spread to another business.

An affidavit filed in the case identifies the client as being the Rusty Parrot Lodge and Spa in Jackson, which was being sued by the Body Sage. The fire, which happened on November 18, 2019, destroyed the Rusty Parrot.

The Body Sage's insurance company sued over smoke damage from the fire as well as the interruption of their ability to conduct business.

According to the release: ''Jerabek failed to maintain communication with his client and with the client’s insurer and missed several deadlines in the case, including deadlines to file responses to two critical motions. Jerabek misled the insurance company regarding case developments and failed to communicate settlement offers to the client and the insurer. Jerabek was eventually terminated and replacement counsel was hired, who shortly got the case settled.''

The release says Jerback admitted to violating several rules of professional conduct and agreed to the suspension. It does say that ''Jerabek's sustained and successful efforts at recovery from alcohol use disorder and other psychological problems'' were taken into account in the State Bar's Board of Professional Responsibility when it recommended the three-year suspension that was implemented by the Supreme Court.

The release says the court also ordered a year-and-a-half suspension to be served concurrently (or at the same time) with the three-year suspension. That suspension was imposed for "Jerabek’s conduct in entering into a consensual sexual relationship with a client; failing to withdraw from the client’s representation promptly upon entering into the sexual relationship; and advising the client to conceal evidence of the relationship."

Jerabeck's suspension will take effect on November 1.

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