In Uber's first year of serving Cheyenne Frontier Days, they won't eliminate all congestion, but they sure can’t hurt it.

CFD fans know about driving their own vehicles and paying to park, so it might sound great to have a ride to a location closer in - without having to park at all. Actually, that means their whole experience does change.

The designated dropoff/pickup zone is by the main gate at 1210 W 8th Ave,  so you can get dropped off close to the action and later be met just as close.

When you create an account, and allow location, it’s amazing how easy it really works. Once establishing a ride on the way, the rider is given the driver’s name, type of vehicle and vehicle color. Just remember to make note of that information, since the staging area will need to keep moving. A ride has your name on it, so watch for which it is, so you’ll know it when you see it.

At the busiest times, the fees will be a little higher, but just think of that parking spot you used to pay for. Also, if you've been drinking, whatever the ride cost is way cheaper than a DUI.

Of course, there are still the ride services (taxis) we’ve always had.

See the events schedule here.


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