It’s good to hear the Wyoming Office of Tourism continues with the slogan, “That’s WY!” You can be glad the basic tagline isn’t changing, even if it may not be the best slogan we ever had. The reason for that was summed up two years ago by website brandchannel, “Wyoming is having an identify definition crisis.”

I like some of the old slogans I thought were great, but maybe our tourism slogan has changed a few too many times over decades. According to the Saratoga Sun, “The challenge of any marketing campaign is to top itself.” That may explain a lot.

What was ever wrong with “Wyoming: Forever West?” It didn’t leave a gaping hole for jokes about some of our terrain looking like another planet, “Wyoming: Like No Place on Earth.”

It could be worse. Travel site Thrillist once suggested a better slogan for us was, “Wyoming, Almost Nothing Lives Here.” (C'mon, Harrison Ford live here, smarty pants.)

Well, I’m not any marketing pro, like those in the firm our tourism office hired for a lot of money - from Milwaukee - but I really like the sound of the guy voicing this ad.

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