If you look west when you're driving over the twin-viaduct in Cheyenne you'll see them, the massive wind turbine, harvesting the Wyoming wind and turning it into electricity, the lifeblood of modern society.

Have you ever wondered what was inside one of those massive windmills that stand two to three hundred feet above the land? What the view looks like? Or even what it looks like on the way down? Wonder no more, thanks to the magic of YouTube I found some super interesting videos.

First is this quick tour of what it is like inside one of these things. The video is from Fred Olsen Renewables, a company in Europe. The tech involved may have changed since they made this video, and the windmills by Cheyenne may be a bit different inside, but I think this gives a basic idea of what is inside.

It's the best in engineering, complexity hidden inside simplicity.

But, what would it be like if you jumped off of one of those huge blades? Thanks to Youtube and people more adventures than me, we can almost experience it. They got the cameras on their helmets, their parachute, and an unparalleled view of the landscape.

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