We're running a Win Cash contest right now, where some lucky folks could win either $1,000 or $10,000! So it has me thinkin'.... what I would do with that kinda cash.

It wasn't all that long ago that I was livin' a much different big-city life. Up until 6 months ago, I called myself a Chicagoan--and as you can imagine, life can get pretty pricy in THAT Windy City.

Gas is more expensive. Houses are more expensive. Heck, everything is more expensive due to having one of the highest sales taxes in the country (and don't get me started on state tax, which is sure to leave your mouth ajar).

So my return to Wyoming was a pleasant experience for a number of reasons. Less stress. More financially affordable for my pocketbook. Close to family and friends.... but you better believe, if I won (or found. Laying on the ground. Or thrown away in some long-forgotten trash bin) $1,000 in cash, I'd be able to put it to some good use.

Here's what I would spend $1,000 in cash on in Laramie.... what about you?

You can find out more about how you can win $1,000 by listening to our stations, or you can head over to our VIP contest site, and sign up for a chance to win $10,000! (Oh, my. I think I might need another post for where I'd spend THAT money....)

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    $: Chocolate Truffles

    The Chocolate Cellar

    True story: when I was a student at the University of Wyoming, I was BIG into chocolate. To get through the stress of studying, dating, taking tests, and just living on my own for the first time.

    This place ROCKS. And the best part? They have a whole wall of chocolate. I think I've tried just about everything in there, but my FAVORITE were the chocolate truffle half-eggs. They looked like an egg...just cut in half.

    Seriously, go in there and ask for one. They're a little on the pricy side, like $5-6 for one. Which yes... is why I would put them on this list. A little too luxe to partake all the time. Yum!

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    $$: A Nice Steak Dinner with Microbrews

    Altitude Chophouse and Brewery

    Fan of steak. Microbrews. Fun atmosphere. Just good, wholesome food. You have to spend some cash here. On holidays, they have specials...but it's easy to walk away spending $100 on a dinner for two, complete with brews.

    Definitely a stop that is worth making with some extra cash!

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    $$: Horseback Riding

    Veebar Ranch or Laramie River Ranch

    Romannnnntic. Imagine me with some glorious leather riding boots, a beautiful stallion, the wide open outdoors of Wyoming in the summer, and a picnic. I've always wanted to ride out here in the West, but the prices can get sort of expensive for a guided tour that only lasts an hour or so. This would ensure that I (1) don't fall off my horse and can afford a guide, (2) that it's not over in an hour and I can spend some quality time out being rough 'n' rugged, (3) I can finally check off a bucket list item!

    I looked up the Veebar Ranch (http://veebar.com/) or the Laramie River Ranch ( http://www.lrranch.com/horses.php).

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    $$$: Skiing Gear

    Snowy Range Ski Area

    Admittedly, I don't ski well. I've only ever skiied on fake snow, on a fake mountain, in a fake ski resort outside of Chicago (yep, they exist!).

    But I'm dying to learn how to try. So let's say #4 includes all the gear, the instruction, the gas to get out there, and lift ticket.

    And possibly the costs of heading to the emergency room when I fall off a mountain a few times...

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    $$$: A week at the Hot Springs

    Saratoga Resort and Spa

    Ok. There's not any "hot tubs" at the resort. But there are natural HOT SPRINGS. Which, in my opinion, is a far better deal.

    The draw to heading out to the resort for a full week is utter relaxation. Phones don't work well out there, so you can't get disturbed. It's remote--so really you're doing outdoorsy things or staying at the resort the entire time. You won't be buying a ton, since there's no shopping in Saratoga. And did I mention the hot springs? Soak in varying tubs at varying temperatures. Ohhhhh my.

    Another bonus is the restaurant on-site: try the breakfast burrito or chicken-fried steak. Yum!

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