I'll come right out and say, I'm not a sports fan. Nothing personal to you who are, I'm just not interested. I go into writing this article admitting I know NOTHING about sports. There, I said it.

So imagine my surprise when I read that the University Of Wyoming's "MEAT JUDGING TEAM" had won, -- I have no idea what they won. Something big I bet. I'm not sure.

MEAT JUDGING TEAM? What the heck is that? Then I find out that they go to practice and have coaches. Would we call these competitors athletes? How do they train? Do they do two-a-days like the football team but their crunching their abs at fast food joints? At this pot I was very confused. 

They don't have a stadium like UW football. No cheerleaders. Nothing they do is ever televised. When they win it is almost never mentioned in the local media. Almost never. There I was reading about them in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. 

In the video, above, you'll hear me call Frank Gambino, our sports caster, who is heard weekday mornings with me on radio stations across Wyoming. To my surprise, as much as Frank is into UW sports, he had never heard of this "SPORT" either.

The next surprise you'll hear is a call from Sierra Jepsen, the UW Meat Team Coach. Yes, that's right THEIR COACH. This was just not computing for me. But Sierra was delightfully charming and she explained it in terms that a non-sports-fan like me could understand.

In the end I still do not understand how this is a competition, but I do understand the importance of what they are doing at UW. Click the video above to hear Sierra explain.

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