The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services is warning about possible scams to take your personal information if you are trying to apply for unemployment. Only use the official website to file a claim, at .

If you have not filed for unemployment insurance but you receive a letter from the unemployment agency or a U.S. Bank debit, you should report it HERE.

REMEMBER - there is no fee for unemployment compensation. Do not give out your credit or debit card information.

Watch for fake or false websites: Many of these sites will also ask you for personal information, like your social security number or bank, credit, or debit card information. Only log in at to file for unemployment.

There have been reports of scams over Facebook messenger: Never give your personal information on any social media platform.

Do not upload copies of your personal documents. This includes driver’s license, birth certificate, social security number, and similar items.

DWS does not do online survives. If you receive one, delete it or ignore it.

Please report suspected scams. The number to report is 888-996-9226.

The old adage, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" works here. Also, it does not cost you to get unemployment money. You do not have to give out your banking information to get this money. You do not have to give out vital personal information to get this money.

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