I'm not sure how many ways we can say it, but the Broncos have come to terms with Vic Fangio's future in the Mile High City. I'll go ahead and add, to the delight of fans, right? I don't think I've ever heard anyone say a kind word about him, so we could also add a cliche of "The Vic Fangio Experience Is Over".

I think that's covered it, right?


Bronco's social media didn't mince words with the report of Fangio's departure. I can't really decide if they should have added more to this. I'm sure the delight of the kid managing their Twitter account, just didn't have the words to express how the organization probably feels.

Fangio had some nice words on his way out.

His payout must be pretty nice.

I mean, you can't have a losing record for three straight years and expect this to not be the end result, right? Fangio went 19 and 30 in three years and they never won more than 7 games.

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It was time.

And it looks like the organization has complete confidence in GM George Patton.

What does the man with the plan have to say about the whole deal? Not much more than lip service. Which, we'd expect.

With the Vic Fangio experience and three straight failed seasons now in the rearview mirror, we'll have to wait and see what the organization wants to do. This could be a very exciting coaching carousel in the NFL in the upcoming weeks. Let's hope for a well-established football mind to take the reins.

Wait, aren't we still for sale?

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