In order to better serve Wyoming, the recent adjustments in the economy, and respond to the changing landscape of higher education, the University of Wyoming is pursuing a transformation of its academic programs to propel new and ongoing initiatives and to deal with budget cuts.

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A proposal from the administration of UW President Ed Seidel to the university’s Board of Trustees would reconfigure UW’s colleges; discontinue or reorganize some academic programs; build on UW’s existing Tier-1 Engineering, Science and Trustees Education initiatives; advance the new Wyoming Innovation Partnership; and launch a School of Computing, a Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a Wyoming Outdoor Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality Initiative.

The plan, which will be presented in detail to the UW Board of Trustees during its meeting in Torrington this week, consists of these primary components:

  • Reconfiguration
  • New and ongoing initiatives
  • Program elimination or consolidation

More details of the administration’s proposal are available in the materials prepared for the Board of Trustees’ July 13-16 meeting, which may be found here.

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