The Albany County School District #1 Board of Trustees will convene its regularly scheduled board meeting on Wednesday, September 8, at 7 pm in the Central Office board room at 1948 Grand Avenue.

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The School Board met last week in a special session to hear public comments on a universal masking protocol for all students, staff, and visitors in K-12 facilities, and the school board approved a motion to allow further comment on the subject during this week’s meeting.

The school board will hear two additional hours for public comment and will start with the 35 people who signed up last week in person, but were unable to speak. The Board will begin with the person who signed up for the 41st spot last week and will then move forward in order.

In addition to concluding last week’s public comments, the board will also hear an additional 20 people before moving on to the regular business meeting at approximately 9 pm.

The school board will follow COVID-19 protocols for meetings in the board room. Masks will be required inside the Central Office in accordance with the motion approved by the board last week, and the number of people will be limited in the board room.

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