LARAMIE – Looking forward to sharing her passion for dentistry and ensuring the best dental experience possible, Stacie Morrison has come home to Laramie.

Stacie Morrison, D.D.S., is the owner and dentist of Summit View Dentistry. She said they officially opened 3 months ago and wanted to become acclimated in the new facility before hosting the grand opening and ribbon cutting at Summit View Dentistry, 3125 Grand Ave. The ribbon cutting, hosted by the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance, and their Grand Opening barbeque was held Friday, June 28.

Morrison has family in Laramie and attended the University of Wyoming, where she was first introduced to the Laramie community. At UW, she pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and minors in Zoology and Physiology Honors program. As a Cowboy Cheerleader, she passionately supported Cowboy and Cowgirl athletics - and still does.

“I actually went to college here, and I cheered for UW athletics. After dental school, I moved back to Cheyenne - I loved Cheyenne, I loved living there. But I felt that something was missing. I just really wanted to be back, get involved with the university culture and supporting Laramie in general. I missed it, and really wanted to come back and join the community. It’s been awesome so far!”

Morrison is originally from Cheyenne. She attended the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with distinction. She then moved back to Cheyenne, where she was in practice for 5 years before deciding to enter into private practice in Laramie.

“Our main goal is to provide a more comfortable and stress-free dental environment. We actually got this office last summer and completely renovated it . . . we knocked down all the walls and did a full renovation. We got it started up and running 3 months ago. We’re really excited to bring a new option for dental care to the Laramie and surrounding communities . . . and to make life-long friends with our patients and families throughout the community.”

Morrison said their main focus at Summit View is family dentistry, focusing on preventative and cosmetic dentistry. And family is important to her.

“We like to see patients of all ages. Our youngest so far has been 12 months, up to elderly adults. We want to see every member of the family that we can. We know some kids have to see a pediatric dentist, but Kodi Bernaski, my hygienist, came from a pediatric office before, so she’s really comfortable seeing kids and has a great attitude with kids and does really well. We do cosmetic and all general preventative work. I got into dentistry to help people prevent problems. We take care of problems when they show up, but the best thing you can do is to prevent problems before they start.”

The family dentistry office practices what it preaches. photo/Tom Kocal photo/Tom Kocal

Morrison’s dad, Jim Stephens, and her husband, Jake (photo at left), not only did a lot of the remodeling and landscaping at the office, but they manned the grills during the open house BBQ. Her mom, Laura Stephens, is also the office manager with 16 years of experience in business and residential sales and management. Morrison’s rosy-cheeked son, 1-year-old Lincoln, toddled around the office during the open house, and her grandpa, Steve, greeted some of the guests and was obviously very proud of his granddaughter.

“In coming back to Laramie, everyone has been so welcoming so far, and we’re just really grateful for the support of the community and the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance. My family and friends have really put in a lot of work to help support the office and get the word out that we’re open. Friends and family have actually helped with the hands-on of renovating the office and doing some of the construction work. I’m really grateful for that and look forward to serving the community.”

Summit View Dentistry is located at 3125 Grand Ave. Suite B, on the north side of the building. Visit their web site or call 307-460-2217 for more information or to make an appointment.

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