It's the one time of year where the nation burns more coal just because, tis the season to burn more coal.

In other words, Christmas time, lets light it up. That means more electricity, which Wyoming provides.

Across Wyoming homes are proudly lit. Here are some of the best examples we could find.


  • 1

    Gillette Festival Of Lights.

    Gillette Wyoming has one street with a row of cute cottage owners who take pride in lighting up their street each year.

  • 2

    Christmas Lights Of Casper

    The neighborhoods sparkle in the Casper hill section.

  • 3

    The Tree In Sinclair

    A very small town that is proud of their very big tree.

  • 4

    The Laramie Courthouse

    The only time people want to look at that one government building is when it is Christmas.

  • 5

    Territorial Prison

    REALLY? Yup, they light it up for Christmas.

  • 6


    Judy Garland sings as the lights of Cheyenne blink

  • 7

    Cody Wyoming

    They love to make them flash in Cody.

  • 8

    Town square Jackson

    They make it bright as day in Jackson.

  • 9

    Rock Springs Theme Park

    Why just light it up? Make a theme of it.

  • 10

    Sheridan Ranch

    Lets light up the entire ranch in Sheridan.

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