Doc gets all the credit for this great Reddit find.

He came across this gorgeous picture taken outside of Douglas, Wyoming of Laramie Peak.


When he showed it to me I was immediately inspired. As an avid hiker, looking at this picture had me ready to load up my pack and hit the trails.

I climbed Laramie Peak just last year, and while the last mile at the top is a bit rough, the panoramic view from the top was well worth the effort. lists that this is a 9.9 mile trail that has an elevation gain of 2,732 ft. The Laramie Trail Peak trail rating is "difficult" and anyone that has hiked it can vouch that this is true. Lot's of trees and running water make this hike shady and cool, but make sure you bring lots of water and snacks so you have enough energy to make it to the top and back.

This climb ends at 10,276 which is above the tree line, so if you plan to do this hike be aware of those afternoon lighting storms.

What do you think?

Does this scenic picture have you feeling #wyomingproud and ready to head for the hills?

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