I'm sure you have seen this image all over the internet by now. From the moment it first popped up on Tumblr, it has sparked much debate all across the internet.

Why, though? It is clearly blue and black! No, wait... It's obviously white and gold! For some reason, nobody can agree on the color of this darn dress.

Swiked on Tumblr
Swiked on Tumblr

Personally, I thought a friend of mine was joking when she posted a photo early in the debate asking what color people saw. She claimed she saw white and gold. She had to be kidding. All I could see was a light blue dress with a charcoal colored lace. Nope, it's not a prank. People really just can't agree on it.

Out of those in the office this morning, three of us see blue and black. One sees white and gold. (Actually, he describes the gold as more of a beige color than a true gold.)

There have been a variety of explanations as to why there is so much disagreement from the photo. Some have argued it's all about a person's mood (those who are depressed will see it as blue), others say it's just the settings on your computer or mobile device, some say it's the angle, or the lighting, or that people just flat out don't know their colors.

According to wired.com, the dress is, in fact, blue.They even have an expert who says the debate stems from how people interpret the illuminant bouncing off the dress. Plus, they had a photo and design team take a look to determine the dress color, eventually deciding that it is certainly a blue dress.

That doesn't stop the debate, however.

What colors do you see on this dress?

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