Out of state people might find dating one of us refreshing. There are 5 reasons for that from our friends at OnlyInYourState.com. They've been a pretty good judge of Wyoming before, so see if you agree with this.


  1. Family is always going to be important. IF you get them out of the state, you'll never get them far from family.
  • Well, yes … We have our black sheep, but it’s true we love family. (And only on some ranches do we have some real sheep.)
  1. Spending time helping others. Wyomingites volunteer to make their communities better. You can join them!
  1. The idea of dressing up might be a bit different. Ready for a night on the town is wearing a clean t-shirt and a nice hat.
  • Hey Hey Hey … we highly resent/resemble that.
  1. (And with that) CHEAP dates! They don’t judge “cheap date,” even if almost free!
  • Yep … and by the way, we just don’t judge much, period.
  1. They'd love an afternoon on the shooting range. If you don't know how to shoot, they'll show you!
  • Why do other states so characterize us about guns?  8 out of every 10 has a gun? C’mon, that’s just not true. It’s more like 9 out of 10. (Grin) And keep spreading that around the rest of the country. Thanks.

If you can convince a Wyomingite to marry you, you're lucky. They're loyal, strong, independent and creative. Just know your sweetie’s heart will always be in Wyoming.

To the people at OnlyInYourState.com, would you say that's the best you've ever heard Wyoming described?

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