The first recipient from a group dedicated to making adult cancer patient's dreams come true was announced on Monday at the University of Wyoming. Cameco Teams for Dreams is a unique partnership of the University of Wyoming Intercollegiate Athletics, the American Cancer Society, Wyoming Community Foundation and Cameco Resources in the fight against cancer.

Rene Clark was named as the first recipient from Cameco Teams for Dreams. Clark is a nurse from Cheyenne who is battling stage 4 colo-rectal cancer. Teams for Dreams is helping Clark in her dream of finishing her basement, something she said she has wanted to do for 18 years. She says that it is important for her to do something for her family.

See in the video what Clark had to say about her fight with cancer and how much finishing her basement means to her.

Currently Wyoming is ranked 49th out of the 50 states in colo-rectal screening. Improving screening rates for colo-rectal cancer and other cancers is a way to prevent unnecessary deaths. Most of the money raised by Cameco Teams for Dreams will go towards screening for colo-rectal cancer.