Knowing your job and remaining vigilant can save lives. Special thanks to the Powell Tribune for this story of a Wyoming nurse who was on the job and on the ball.

Powell Wyoming: a student walks into the Southside Elementary School nurse's office feeling poorly. But Nurse Misti Asher was at another school at the time and not available. While waiting, the student fell asleep, then woke up a while later and left.

The student returned after lunch, feeling worse. This time Nurse Misti, as she is affectionately called, was there and could see that something was wrong with his breathing.

“I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew something wasn’t quite right,” she said.

A call to home revealed how much water he had been consuming. That was an important clue for Nurse Misti. She then found out that the mother is diabetic. Nurse Misti advised a glucose test. The tests came back showing high numbers.

A walk-in clinic was suggested, but Nurse Misti went with her gut and took the student to the emergency room.

From Powell Valley Healthcare, he was transferred to Billings for care, where he remained four days, getting his blood sugar and pH levels stabilized. The doctors determined he had Type I diabetes, previously undiagnosed. (Powell Tribune)

“She caught the fact that my grandson has diabetes,” said his grandmother, Marcie Ray. “She literally saved his life. She’s an angel.”

“I’m thankful I was able to get him to where he needed to be,” Nurse Misti said.

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