One day after getting the job officially, Rod Tyson was already at work in the familiar setting of a Laramie High School basketball gym.

Not that he hasn't been in a gym for a while, but this time it was the main gym at the new Laramie High School.

Tyson was announced as the new head coach of the Laramie High School girls’ program for a second time Thursday morning. His previous stint was highly successful. It resulted in an 89-43 record over five seasons and included the school’s first-ever girls basketball state championship.

The new/old head coach of the Lady Plainsmen visited with the “voice” of LHS basketball from KOWB, David Settle, in a one-on-one interview. Tyson talked about the multiple reasons he decided to return and explained how last minute his decision to even “apply for” the position was. He also discussed the current “state of the program,” and how he wants to further build up the team’s skill level, and much more as he returns to lead Lady Plainsmen basketball.

The next steps will be to fill out his coaching staff and get ready for the summer off-season, which will include basketball camps around the region.

Oh, and he was enjoying every second of being in the gym.

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