The Laramie City Council will hold a special meeting Thursday to consider a resolution aimed at keeping a quickly-growing agriculture technology startup in Laramie.

The resolution would authorize the City of Laramie to apply for a $3 million Business Ready Community, Business Committed grant and a $210,000 loan from the Wyoming Business Council to fund construction of a headquarters for Bright Agrotech in the Laramie River Business Park.

According to the resolution, City Council estimates the project would allow Bright Agrotech to retain 29 existing jobs and create 40 new jobs.

The resolution says the City of Laramie would pay all construction invoices for the project and seek reimbursement from the Wyoming Business Council. Bright Agrotech would contribute steady revenue to the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance through lease payments, and that revenue would be used for economic development.

Bright Agrotech CEO Dr. Nate Storey says it’s important for him to know the City is willing to work and partner with his company.

“Being able to work with the City on this and being able to work with the Business Council is kind of a litmus test for us,” says Storey, “to find out, you know, whether or not this is the kind of place where we can continue to grow and scale and have the community’s support.”

"Laramie definitely has drawbacks," says Storey. "But there are just as many benefits if you learn to look at them the right way."

Storey notes that Bright Agrotech started at the University of Wyoming, grew at the Wyoming Technology Business Center and calls Laramie home.

“We definitely have to do what’s right for the business,” says Storey. “We think that what’s right for the business right now is to do whatever we can to stay in Laramie.”

The Laramie City Council is set to vote on the resolution Thursday at 6 p.m. in City Hall.

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