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After Record-Breaking “Winter” World Cup, English Soccer Comes Back in Force to Keep Fans and Bettors Happy  

Which of you out there had France and Argentina as the two finalists for the 2022 Qatar World Cup? 

There might have been a fair few of you, although if you had Morocco and Croatia as the other two semifinalists, I need to ask you a few questions about my future. 

Most NJ sportsbooks offered you some decent odds on both France and Argentina to reach the final, but with the World Cup now done and dusted until 2026 (when America will host), what will newly-hooked fans, and bettors, of soccer do now that the biggest showcase event has ended? 

In all honesty, while the World Cup is made out to be a huge event, there are leagues all around the world that will resume playing mere days after the final whistle goes in Qatar. 

For example, in England, the EFL Carabao Cup will play its Round of 16 Tuesday-Thursday, December 20-22, with games on ESPN+. Sportsbooks have already had the lines up for that tournament well before the games were set to be played, as was the case with the next round of Premier League action, which kicks off on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) on USA and Peacock Plus.  

Right now, the Premier League is probably the richest soccer league in the world, and Arsenal leads two-time defending champions Manchester City by five points coming back into action. Twelve of the 20 English top-flight teams have played 15 of their 38 matches, while six of the top eight in the table have played 14. 

Because of the one-month pause for the World Cup, the rest of the season is going to be jam-packed full of action, and not just in England: that is going to be the case all over Europe and many other places. And it is not just league play: there will be cup competitions as well. 

Starting on Boxing Day and running through Sunday, January 15, there will be either Premier League, Carabao Cup, or F.A. Cup matches every single day except for Thursday, December 29. 

If you have recently become a fan of soccer because of the World Cup, you have picked the best time in history to do so: there is basically wall-to-wall action all the way until March! 

Along with the leagues and the domestic cups, the three UEFA competitions–the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League–will all be back in mid-February. If you fell in love with knockout tournaments, you will love those, especially the Champions League, with some of the biggest club teams in the world. 

For soccer bettors, this is basically the best thing you could have asked for: important games nearly every day for the better part of three months before the next international break. 

The record viewership and betting numbers during the World Cup in November and December should translate well into the new year, which is great news for everyone involved. 

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