A 24-hour Mexican restaurant with a drive-up window is now open in Laramie. Almanza’s Mexican Food recently opened at 2615 E. Grand Avenue. The location was once home to Slingers Chicken, which closed last year.

The new restaurant brings a unique twist to Mexican food in Laramie. Whether you choose to carry out your order, sit in a restaurant or even enjoy fast food, there are plenty of places to get Mexican food in town. What makes Almanza’s unique is that this is the only Mexican restaurant in Laramie that is open 24 hours a day, and it provides a drive-thru service. In fact, this is the only restaurant in Laramie that offers both a drive-up window and dining room seating all day long.

Almanza’s provides a fast food type atmosphere, but serves a more authentic taste of Mexico than other fast food Mexican restaurants in the area. The menu offers a variety of burritos, tacos, tortas, tastadas and enchiladas, all with generous portions. If you want even more food on your plate, you can even order one of their many combination plates which come with rice and beans. You can order several sides as well including rice, fries, sour cream, guacamole and chips.

This restaurant also serves breakfast at all hours of the day, something many people are looking for when they need a late night meal.

This new restaurant is a unique one for Laramie. It is in a great location for students and residents of Laramie, and it provides an often needed 24-hour service along with a drive-up window. Having a restaurant with a drive-thru window and open dining room 24 hours a day is something Laramie has needed for some time, and it is nice to see Almanza's step up and provide this service.